Wednesday 17 December 2014

Decorated papers exhibition in Madrid.


Till 2015, April the twelve, Madrid will be the world centre of decorated papers. 
An exhibition:

"Traditional techniques of decorated papers and contemporary creation"

in the Madrid Municipal Print – Books’ Arts Museum, shows the works of 30 contemporary artists from all over the world:
Australia, South-Africa, Japan, Brazil, USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain of course, and so on, 
as well as an historical journey with old papers and books endleaves made by xylographic means or metal engravings, paste and sprinkled papers, and marbling…

old techniques of paper decoration and their interpretation and update by today’s artists. 

Three hundred fifteen pieces, possibly the hugest amount ever collected in a unique exhibition on this subject, 
which will be the joy of each visitor.

 A virtual visit in   

Not to be missed by any book lover.