Monday 2 May 2011

White, Flag, Belgium...

Since I did the "Desigual"
work, I do not do any more that think about the white...
... about the white color.

Is it a color? No? Perhaps?
I am not able to express an opinion.
But, yes, I am able of using it.

This paper,
with its white bands separating the blue and green colors,
one of my obsessions,
when I was a child I heard that they wouldn't combine very well
so I try to use them together,
opened my eyes.

I had an old order,
of those that we can make without hurries,
a model with three colors,
red, yellow and violet,
because the person who ordered it to me was born on April the 14th,
the day that was proclaimed the II Spanish Republic in the year 1931,
and the model that I chose goes perfectly as a flag,
even it simulates the movement...

.... only lacks the mast,
anyway I could not paint the paper to give it to her on this day,
but nearly, nearly... tomorrow I want to put it in the mail.

Later, I completed another one of her requests,
because sometimes things are not done when one wants
but when the ideas come...

a red model... but red, red...

So, free of commitments,
I was prepared to marble some papers
to lead to Belgium,
to the fair of Sint Niklass,
next May the 8th.

Of course, almost everything what I have painted has to something in common with the white color and with the model of the flag.

Because when the idea come, it is necessary to see up until where it goes.

In blue...

In green...

Or even in red...

this model looks well,
but what I wanted was to work with the white......

This latter paper approaches a little to what I was searching,
but I still wanted it whiter,
so I began to use other models,
and to use the white without any shame...

the bouquet...

the peacock...

and the Lys flower...

... they are three models
that are done with the double comb,
with them I managed the whole white I was looking for.

Although the story does not finish here,
a very traditional model, the curls,
turns out to be very attractive when the white is used...
...without measurement.

And, certainly, the same system can be used
to isolate the design...

But, obviously, something lacks...

... the Belgian flag.


Now, yes, I can take the plane.