Wednesday 5 October 2011

One binding from Sandra Varisco.


Sandra Varisco, a student of Ángel Camacho who lives in Rome, bound this book following the design of a marbled paper that she realized during a course with me in 2010, in the mentioned school of Binding.

I remember perfectly the moment in which she did the paper.
It was a chevron in the half of the tray and she asked me:
cannot we stretch a little and make a swirl?
It was clear that we could!

She used the same design for the edges of the book.

I knew from the first moment that that paper would end up by being used in a book.
Now when Sandra has done another course again with me, this one of paste paper, I could have seen it.

Sandra did not use the paper for her book, but the paper turned into a book.

It is not necessary to say that I love this book very much.