Sunday 17 October 2010

Towards the north.


To go out as a stallholder with my papers on my back makes me feel very close to those street vendors of last centuries, those that thus created the decorated paper business.

On October 24 is foreseen the fair of Cologne and two weekends later, on 6 and 7 November, that of Leyden.

As the weekend between both, on October 30 and 31, I have a marbling course in Utrecht, I must go out with all my baggage.

So I have thought to write an entry with photos of the models that I take to both fairs.

To start a clown, the first illustration, and a pair of butterflies.

To paint in the water does not facilitate to realize figurative painting,

I prefer to simply suggest the forms, like those of these owls.

This one below expresses very well what I mean,

Why should an owl have the nose in its place?

Sometimes there is no way of doing it,

the imagination of each one has then to place things correctly.

In Turkey, yes, they can do really figurative painting with marbling.

They paint flowers that only lack smell.

I cannot. And neither I want it. I prefer to invent my flowers.

With a stones background, as in Turkey, but, excuse me I cannot remedy it...

... with my touch of ox gall opening spaces.

Certainly, that also I like them bottomless.

But, why not instead of a flower a garden?

The first time that I did this type of painting I loved these free lines that arise from no place.

To place a flower here and there is like a children's game, a real pleasure.

But I always need your imagination.

For me a blank space is an invitation.

Returning to the reality I would like that you saw this link:

It is a binding of the library of the museum Condé in Chantilly, from 1620, it is one of the first marbled papers that were used in France.

I liked it so much that I did a model with a one of my papers because I cannot reproduce the original without permission.

Then I thought that perhaps it was a good idea to offer it. I thought carefully how could be best profited a big paper... and this is the result.

Of course it was necessary to do stone papers with the same colors, maybe someone wants to do a case or complete the binding on the outside...

I tryed with stones. I did more spirals again with them as background.

And as always, the ox gall allowed me to create successive spaces,

every time with less stones and less colors, a sort of bile degradation.

I have not stopped preparing my combs patterns, I adore them.

This time I have focused on doing patterns from the herringbone (Chevron),

with clear straight movements...

... but, especially, with wavy, more or less accented movements.

For some patterns I have chosen strong colors, of great contrast.

But it is impossible not to paint patterns from the Nonpareil.

I have used the smallest comb I have,

of only two millimeters between his pins,

and on the other hand for the variation I have chosen the very big one,

of ten centimeters.

Again the contrasts.

Surely the bouquet appears between what I have painted.

Also, I have not varnished any of these papers... and have deducted it of the price.

Also the angelfish is here, one of the models who more pleases, with new colors.

Finally a sketch, an essay, one more suggestion.

A question...

Why the decoration of a decorated paper must cover the whole paper?