Saturday 13 August 2011

Drunk of colours.


What I was trying to get was a personal variant on some model of the traditional marbling repertoire. I tried changing a comb for a needle, isolating the motive, anything that was attractive and a little... different.

Also, although everything is created, it is possible to change the color of every paper and this way to obtain many variants with only one pattern.

I isolated two columns of the pattern named "chevron" on the white background of the paper and drew two branches waving a needle to right and left.

Yellow and black on blue; black on yellow; and red and yellow on blue.

But I was looking for another thing, so I added more columns and alternated straight and wavy steps.

And I verified that I liked more the wavy branch.

I kept on changing colors and setting and removing columns.

Until I decided to separate the colored branches with black and white columns.

Now I wanted to make the branches with only one color.

But, obviously, the branch can be made on black and white leaving the "chevron" in its color. Just on the contrary of the previous variants.

Until, walking this way, variant after variant, I didn’t knew if I got something different, or, simply, I was drunk of colors.