Wednesday 20 January 2010

Let's go... to a new Guinness record.


Saturday 16 January 2010



I would like to have done a prank.
To be or not to be? Hamlet's famous quotation.
Marbled or nor marbled? This is the question.
And then, the photos.

A bottle of desert’s sand: this is not marbling.
And a marbled paper of similar appearance.

A Tiffany’s vase.

And finally, the tastiest thing, a cake...

...and another marbled paper, a similar pattern from the vase and cake.

Real or false? Dream or reality?
The prank was on Shakespeare and his words.
But I am not going to do it.
Because when I was preparing this entry an earthquake happened in Haiti,
a catastrophe for thousands.
And I don’t want to smile...

I stumbled over a book of Azorin,
and what I read;
the swaying of the marbled pattern, that is named precisely this way,
go and come, gone and turned;
and the earthquake;
everything made me thoughtful.

At the end, I have decided to publish the entry.
As a miserable homage of my powerlessness.

Look at this pattern, to the lines of life that go and return.
As Azorin says at the beginning of his work:
Everything could happen and could happen nothing.

But it is not true.
The go and return movement is a falsity.
The author explains what I want to say at the end of the book:

The ship is called "Without comeback". Do you understand? This ship does not return nowhere. Those who travel on it never return to anything. "Without comeback" goes away and does not come. It is the symbol of the world. One does not return to the youth. One does not return to the illusion. One does not return to the fervor. Let's do what we do, these moments have already happened and cannot return.

They know this true in Haití.