Sunday, 18 October 2009

The world's most expensive book.


Some time ago I asked you to send to me photos of your works with my papers,
and there have just come to me some of them:
a wonderful work that hides a sad story.

The authors of this binding are a craftsmen's couple
living in a famous Spanish city,
one of those four or five that were more
of what they are today.

They have a small and beautiful workshop,

with a wall covered with old brick,

that enhance moreover their work.

They live of an ancient craft.

They make folders, books, diaries, agendas,

all kind of stationery objects.

Only with his hands

and with a very few things more:

paintbrushes, glue, paper, pasteboard...

They make all these objects during the year

and then they recover the investment

and slightly more to keep on living,

in the traditional Craft’s Fair

that is celebrated in its city,

as in so many others of Spain,

during Christmas.

They are doing this for years,

but every time

it is necessary to present a representative work of what they do,

and wait for the admission

and the places' draw.

This year they presented the book that you have seen,

which they protected with a coordinated box.

I love it because I know the good taste that they have,

and because I'm very proud that they were choosing one of my papers

to make this "piece".

I am sure they are artists.

Perhaps his hands, could be her inspiration.

Look at the wide band of red cloth of the box.

It is in one of the sides of the case...

... but not in the other.


Very easy.

There was no paper for any more.

Although they did not say this to me, I am sure.

So much,
as that the way of solving the problem
was a brilliant idea.

It happens many times...

the weakest point turns

into the most elegant detail.

You still ask where the sad story is

The sad story is that they could not enter the Fair,

because the admission jury stated that...

... this book with his box is not a "craft" work.

Can you can understand this?...


Certainly not.

You think the same than me.

There is no justice.


The craftsmen of this history, which only,

and neither more nor less than craftsmen it is what they are,

they have to look now for another city that receives them,

and where its bread could be gained.

In the following photo you can see one of its folders,

and a good heap of the agendas

that provides its sustenance.

I wish them to find soon the solution to its quandary.

Very happy will be the inhabitants of the city that admits them,

because they will be able to enjoy the objects of its craft.

But, if any thing twists

and bad destiny appears,

these craftsmen will have to close its workshop.

And its book and box,

the work that they presented as

the better one that could go out of its hands,

will have turned for them into



SeitenSchneider said...

Unbelievable. Did the jury give a reason why they would not consider this work a craft work?

Until now I would not have expected to see such extremes of bureaucracy in Spain, rather being typical for my country (Germany).

Nevertheless, the work is as beautiful as the paper that is used - chapeau!


Merike van Zanten said...

So where could we buy these beautiful agendas?

Juliayn Coleman said...

Yes, I need one!

Anonymous said...

In some respects, the jury is correct - the book and cover are art work, and should be exhibited and purchased as such. Stunning marbling and binding - what a rare combination! Joan