Thursday, 15 October 2009

For Diane Maurer, the origin of the universe.


A very simple idea:
to throw only one drop of ox gall in the center of a tray full of colors and...
see what happens.

The drop is transformed, stretches up and down, and the result, frankly,
is not especially attractive.

But after doing the previous paper, I remembered at once the book of Diane Maurer:

(ISBN: 0823055752 / 0-8230-5575-2)
It is a fabulous book on marbling and its diverse techniques and also a guide for the achievement of diverse patterns. It is very much known in the United States, but also here, a student took it to one of my classes and asked me if it knew it.

Yes, of course, and not only I knew it, but, I must confess it and ask for excuses to Diane, for whom I wait that she should not bother for what I am going to say, I was distributing to my pupils photocopies of two pages that have me fascinated since I saw them.

Diane tells there how to turn a round drop of paint into diverse figures.
A butterfly, a fish, a hummingbird, stars and plants.
Step by step, like a cooking recipe.

I do not dare to repeat here my misconduct, but I include a sample so that you see of what I am speaking of.

This is what I wanted to do.
To throw a few drops of paint and to turn them into stars.
But with my ox gall instead of black.
I proposed myself to repeat all the forms that were appearing on these two pages and then to show them to Diane.

The star was not very complicated to make.


But when I tried the fish... what a pity.
The fact is that these things do not go out for me even with the drawing ahead.

What it went out for me looks like a stuck-up beetle.
An armoured monster.
Anything, except a fish.

You can laugh. It was what I did.
And also, after my "fish" I abandoned my photocopies.

But I kept on doing. Marbling is addictive. One cannot stop.
And better that one cannot stop, because far away from the diagrams,
figures began to appear.

A few variations on the spiral movement.

Up to arrive to something similar to a sun emerging from a blue horizon.

Of course, I went crazy with the spirals.




I couldn’t stop doing them until galaxies were appearing.

Big ones...

... little ones...

... or doubles.


Now it was to my taste.
As a "fish" in the water.

I then tried with the typical concentric circles of the marbling "test".

My wife calls this paper "the kiss", she will know why.


Spirals also can be done with this technique.


But, when one get a move on, everything is possible.
I tried with my trees, my version of the "Art Nouveau " design, now different.



And, making experiments, a tree and a spiral.

I am interested in the ox gall, I like playing with it.
It was necessary to try to paint the background that fascinates me in white,
because it could be that a soft background will heightening the figures.

Yes, it is like the magma where life floats.
Amoebae and protozoan.
Natural sciences of primary school. Almost I do not even remember.


As everything goes and comes, I kept on painting strange figures.


Combining the first model with which I began this text with figures in its interior...

... I realized how could be the origin of the universe...

... everything was born from floating colors...

... !marbling is the origin of the universe¡


d drees said...

Thanks so much. This is very interesting
D Drees

Sharon said...

Charming! I enjoyed so much your exploration of spirals and the origin of the universe.


mikeksf said...

A wonderful tale of discovery. Thanks