Wednesday, 14 October 2009

For Joan Ajala, the modification of a design.


Joan Ajala is an Australian companion, and only for her, I would like that Australia was closer to Spain, so that I could treat her in person and talk with her for a long time.

When I presented my version of the “Art Nouveau” design, which seems to be originally a German design of the thirties of the XXth century, Joan said to me:
- Very nice paper, but: what is it for?

Here again, I add the photo of the original design and one of my first versions, so you can see the matter of the question.

I did not realize it at first, so I answered her that I was painting papers for binding and that it would be the bookbinder who should decide how to cut the paper.

Then it was when she attacked thoroughly. Have you studied design?, she asked me again, and recommended to me the reading of this book.

- No, I did not study design.
And that by mixing blue and yellow one obtains green
is something that I learned yesterday, more or less.
There are certain things, I believe, that came or not came, and it is not necessary to think more.

- Then, you guide yourself by inspiration: truth?

- Certainly, and for the steadfastness on work.

- It is not enough, it is necessary to know where one goes. It is necessary to study.

I applied myself with the book and saw the big reason that she had.
If I wanted that the paper was used in bookbinding the design should be functional.
I had to keep on working and transform it,
adapt it so that the person who was going to use it could use it evenly,
I should not hope that another inspiration,
this time that one of the bookbinder,
will guid his hand to cut the paper properly.

So I transformed it. In the following photos you can see the results.
Models thought to obtain two similar end leaves;

or four, which are more convenient for small formats.

I could marble also branches in black, and add colors to the feathers.

Mercedes, my wife, gave me the tip on the original model:

- It is a double paper.

- Yes, it is a double paper,
on a drop background there is placed the branch,
which must be made itself isolated,
in a second marbling of the same paper.

But I like my own version, more easily to make for me.
The most similar thing to the original would be this.
Black branch and red feathers.
But with my combs.
Always with my combs.

The last thing has been to paint papers coordinated with the Art Nouveau paper.
Because: what happen if someone wants to make a box for the book?

You had great reason Joan,
it is necessary to do things the best that one could,
and to study design is never wasted time.

Thank you very much for the advice, for your friendship.

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Joan Ajala said...

It was not an attack . . . but I am thrilled to see where my remarks have led you. The work is so beautiful and imaginative, using old techniques to open up new vistas in marbling. The colours are mouth-watering. Bravo. from Joan