Thursday, 24 September 2009

Biennial world cup of art bookbinding at Saint-Rémy-lès-Chreveuses. 3: Paper decorators.


When we open an ancient book the most frequent thing is that find it adorned with decorated papers as endleaves. Several different techniques were used to realize them, but there is something common to all of them: we do not know who his makers were, except in any exceptional cases.

Today everything changes quickly. We know the name of every artist who makes also decorated papers for bookbinding...

and we can even know them personally.

In the list of links on the left you can meet many of them, less than I should want, because I would like to have a link of all of them. But you must look up to find his photo, and some of them do not have it.
In the biennial, I could take these photos of the paper decorators who embellished the exhibitors' lounge that was celebrated owing to this occasion.

Brigitte Chardome,

you can admire her work in

Brigitte has developed a new technique for paper decoration, her turpentine papers have the whole delight that she possesses herself.

Marie-Anne Hamaide,

one of the marbled paper decorators more acquaintances in France,

Katalyn Perry, established in France and married with a Frenchman but Hungarian from Budapest, as my much loved Josef Halfer.

The silk work of Katalyn is...

! there are no words to describe it¡

And Marie Pignon, the newest face, because she has just begin her journey.

! Good luck, Marie¡

They are some visible faces of paper decoration at present. With luck I will be able to add more, I hope that I could add all.

I already said that it is a miracle to know only the name of the ancient paper decorators, and simply impossibly to meet them. But, with these photos, my admiration and respect goes for all of them. Without his work there might not be paper decoration at present. And without the work of people shown in this comment, as well as all other who devote themselves to this work, these techniques would not have any future as they are displaced today by the industrial production.

Fortunately we have the art work.

! Because we will always be able to hang on our home one of these wonderful papers¡

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