Thursday, 24 September 2009

Biennial world cup of art bookbinding at Saint-Rémy-lès-Chreveuses. 2: Dulce María Luna and her beginners.


Dulce María Luna is a well-known Mexican binder rewarded in one of the previous editions of the biennial. This year she also presented her work, a decoration based on the masks of the Greek theater, that one which smiles and the one that frowns, although she only exhibits, always, the first one of these faces.

She takes time developing a fantastic project to bring the binding over to the young people. In only one hour she is capable of achieving than up to fifty! 50¡, young people to complete a small agenda: their first bookbinding. At this tenth biennial she has been working with several groups of pleased youngsters.

When they come they will find everything prepared, a little "kit" will lead Dulce, always with her smile, to help them up to turning it into a beautiful book.

The first thing is to paint a few endleaves to adorn the interior. It is the first thing, because while they bind the book it passes the precise time to dry these papers.

The bookbinding "really" begins soon, with Dulce stand in a chair giving the explanations that must be followed with attention by the beginners.

It is necessary to be applied in the work.

Both girls and boys.

To arrive at the end to be all able to pose happy with their completed works.

There is not only a beautiful project what realizes Dulce with her children, because in addition to a few first basic bookbinding notions, she teaches them the love of working with their hands and the love for a well made work. Then it will come the time to begin the work so that they could open their books and read what it is written inside. It is the first step, complementary to many other first steps that must happen, to get that these children turn into intelligent persons and lovers of their fellows.

The love to the book is the love to many loves. The one who teaches this deserves everything our respect, admiration and help.

With a sweet smile, Dulce teaches bookbinding; a thousand smiles would I wish that bookbinding returns to her.

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