Wednesday, 30 March 2011

EBRIZMIR , a new exhibition.

EBRIZMIR , a new exhibition.

Friendship in trace of marbling

Aysen Bilgi, Süreyya Uyan, Sanda Serim, Yesim Goktepe
Invited artist : Lucie Lapierre

Exhibition from 11 to 22 april 2011 in

The opening cocktail is the 11 april at 17 to 19 hours.

Ege University, Faculty of science, Auditorium, fuaye

Ege Üniversitesi Kampüsü 35100

Bornova - İZMİR

Telephone (0-232) 311 10 10

The name of our exhibition is Friendship in the trace of marbling
To pay tribute to the friendship that arose between the Turks and Quebec artists

in the exhibition of the 25th anniversary of ebru Association bookbinders Quebec and continues with that of Izmir.

With our best regards, the Ebrizmir group.

Süreyya Uyan tells me that the exhibition is about friendship of ebru in the trace water.
I am moved by the title,
Which well expresses the work of marbling in the trace of water;
And especially the act of exchange and friendship appreciated.
I also appreciate that the Faculty of Science Ege University host this exhibition.
For the Faculty of Science Ege University expresses that Ebru, Marbling,
Alchemy of Colour is a perfect amalgam of sensitivity of the artist
Practice of applied physics and chemistry.
I humbly salute you with my colors and traces of my ebrus.

Lucie Lapierre

Artist Marbler


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N.Narda said...

hi, i'm one of Mrs.Sureyya's student for traditional Turkısh marbling.(nowadays i'm not attending the course) I want to say that your style is different and beatiful, colors, shape details....