Saturday, 13 June 2009

For Gloria, 2. ¿Big... or small?


Not long ago, according to an information provided by Oughzan, Oz, from Istanbul, the marbling master Ali Sentürk managed to raise the record of the biggest Ebru realized up to date in 4,6 square meters … more. That is to say that the previous record was established in 20 square meters, and now it has remained in 24,6. I do not even want to remember the mats suffering, but anyone can do the account and transform this measure to breadth by length, a bucketful atrocity is what it is necessary to marble this ebru, undoubtedly.

Another Turkish artist, Hikmet Barutcugil, realized a demonstration in the book’s fair at Frankfurt, although very deficient I have a photo of this event, and it is enough to look at it to see that things should have been very close, I don’t know if at the end he extended more the record.

There's a photo album of this event on Hikmet's web page, by the middle:

Hikmet, always following Oz, already marbled the curtains of a five stars hotel, by means of a special procedure opening the rolled cloth as it was introducing it in his bucketful. Probably these curtains are the longest fabric ever marbled.

But years ago another artist, this time from the USA, was going in another way. Christopher Weimann published in 1980 a book titled: marbling in miniature. His size is 7,5 centimeters high for 5,5 wide and the original samples "at full page" of 5,5 x 4 centimeters. He replicated in this size classic models that usually are made in sheets of 50 x 70 centimeters. In the sample of the "swirls" for example, it can be counted up to 15, so the visual effect is exactly the same one that if the model will be contemplated in "normal" size. For Oz, Weimann realized the smallest biggest marbling of the world. And, fortunately, others agree, as Weimann got the "Award of Merit the Western Book Exhibition" in 1981 for this little book.

Oz thinks, with good reason, that the size does not matter, not always a big work is synonymous of excellence, or the small work of unimportant. A big work can be a great work of art, or not; and a small work, as in this case, is a great work of art.


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