Sunday, 25 March 2012

La Dominotería Exhibition: I, the show-cases and the works exposed.



Marbled papers exhibition

In “ The Art Box” of La DOMINOTERÍA (Madrid)

From March, the 24th., until April, the 13, 2012.

Show case I

Oil on table painted by Adela Vélez Celemín.

The reproduction of a sutra in fan shape

belonging to the work Semmen Koshakyo, Japan, XIIth century.

Some instruments necessary for the making of the Suminagashi, tha Japanese marbling: fan, brushes, ink bar and stone to dilute it.

Books with marbled edges and marbled endlevaes, hardback in marbled cork and two pots of marbled ceramics from the Australian artist Robert MacLaren.

What remains of the stencils used to marble the Bismillah in shape of a stork, exhibited further down, and diverse instruments of marbling: ox gall, gouaches, a needle, paintbrushes and the two gums of major use, tragacanth, to the left, from the Dragon tree, and Irish moss, which is gathered in the shallow waters of both shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Kingdoms of Spain and Portugal, book edited by Julio Ollero with the reproduction of one of my papers in the case and in the binding. Four portfolios made with marbled papers.

Show case II,

Some authors who inspired me, the book Marbled Papers by Christopher Weimann and his Marbling in miniature. In the right a Vignette of Norma Rubovits, and below the particular Suminagashi style of Milena Hughes. Three marbled stones adorn the space.

My binding of Jules Verne’s The world tour in eighty days , which I bound with the first paperhere exhibited in the folders, three advertizing bookmarks and the word Ebrû, marbling in Turk, realized by Christopher Weimann using the technique of stencils and resists.

In the back a marbled paper, with the smallest swrils I ever made, some advertizing postcards, two of the books made for the Desigual firm, and a magazine of the English association Designer Bookbinders, with one of my papers in the cover.

In the back a marbled paper, and a copy of the leaflet of Joan Amades on the decorated paper techniques, ahead a box with four volumes of the anonymous "Rare secrets of arts and crafts”. published in Madrid in 1806-1807, which third volume contains a “Way easy and simple to do marbled and beautiful papers”. Hardback with one of my models "Art Nouveau".

Copies of my book: Marbling: from endleaves to art work of and below two initials made with marnlied papers by the workshop Poliedra, of Seville.


Exposed works:



In the middle of the universe

Oriental architecture

The Smell

The Big-bang

The cat with long boots

Art Nouveau

The Ear

The tact

Without title



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Very imaginative, you must have been with the exhibition

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Love your artwork. You are a genius in the art of marbling. Can you look at my papers? My website is
saludos de Portugal