Saturday, 20 November 2010

Demo in Cologne.


Jan van Oostrum, the man in charge of the marbling demonstrations at the Fairs of Sint Niklass, Cologne and Leyden, could not assist in Cologne this year because of family affairs and I was asked to replace him.

For it I got an unexpected gift: an appearance in a newspaper of the city, with a photo and a small paragraph whose translation appears further down.

Not so much the "intrinsic values" of the paper, but more the beautiful patterns are the issue at the stall of Antonio Velez Celemin. All day the Spaniard was standing behind a low water tray and marbling sheets of paper with paint and ox gall. He makes various colour drops flow together and works magic creating new patterns all the time - a demonstration that was well received by the spectators and evoked amazement.

I have never liked the employment of the word magic to define marbling, it is simply a chemical process, but I recognize how happy made me appear in the newspaper, and also to be accompanied there by another photo of my friend Tanja Karipidis, whose paste papers form a perfect rainbow plenty of her "magic".

Tanja Karipidis

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