Monday, 15 February 2010



A sudden fever to learn marbling is covering the north half of Spain, in parallel to the cold temporal of these days.

This Sunday, February, 21, in CIZALLA, a Bookbinding School, in Madrid -91 401 22 04 - I'll teach the first one of a series of collective courses which list appears in the links on the left.

The last one that I have just agreed to, is this:


In the left links list I also have
added a new one to the courses of other paper decorators.

For now I have only news about the course that Susanne Krause will teach in
the Centro del Bel Libro, in Ascona.

But as I will get news of any other courses I will add them to the list.


I do not know if I have already mentioned this once but,

did you know that I love decorated papers?


I cannot remedy it.

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