Tuesday, 5 May 2009

My on-line shop.


I have always liked marbled papers, now I paint them myself certainly because I love them, but when I was a keen bookbinder, at my 18 , they were already going me crazy.

Then I was dreaming in entering in a shop with his walls covered with big shelves with hundred thousand different papers, classified by colors and models...

The most similar thing to my dream was an establishment that I founded in Paris, but today is not as it was.

It is five years now, since I began marbling and my dream has changed, naturally.

Because now the shelves were full of my own papers, I was walking behind the counter and when someone was entering in the shop chatting took possession of the whole place while we were choosing a suitable paper and drinking coffee.

A dream that will be close to reality only virtually.

I have opened an on-line shop, as it is said now. Nothing better occurs to me to make my dream true.

I know this is not very usual. But neither is it usual snowing in May and it seems that it does not matter to us, so: why not?

Enter if you want, to have a look between my shelves, to drink a coffee with me and if you want something more real, you can write or call to me. It will be a pleasure to try to make you feel as I wanted to feel in my dream’s shop.

The link is on the left in the blog, but you’ll find it also at the end of this entry, after having coffee.

I hope that, at least, you enjoy the visit.

The figures in the coffee are very current in Turkey, where they are done in a beverage called SALEP throwing cinnamon on the surface, and in Italy, where there are real masters of the “capuchino”. My gratitude to Milena Hughes for sending to me these photos. If marbling should be ephemeral, this is its biggest exponent: it lasts just a gulp.


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