Friday, 20 March 2009



From when do we know that hydrogen and oxygen get together and turn into water? Almost for ages, since we know that we know... at least.

It has been two or three days since my friend Gloria gave me a beautiful box that she did with pieces of my marbled papers. Also, she published it in her blog with a few charming words.

I put it here below for everybody who wants to see it.

I searched in her blog with curiosity... I am of the old school so a blog is completely new to me, but anyway, I saw other things that she designs and a beautiful Sofi box with another one of my papers cut away as if it was a lace... Hydrogen

I already knew it. I knew that I have friends that make things with my papers that I could never have imagined. Alejandro always surprise me. As well as Diana, Adriana, Oscar, Paz...

Very well, going directly to the matter, as Javier says, what only occurred to me for being on a par with so many marvels is that this time it’s me who must propose new things. Oxygen

I have painted a few new papers with this idea on my mind, that each one could choose the part that he wants, because they do not have a definite structure, any corner can be framed, I have proved it with several papers and I’ve got this:

There are details of the first paper, 20 x 30 cms. at real size... I’m always thinking about endleaves for books…

Now another one:

and this consequences:

I am not going to tire you any more, I believe that the idea is already explained. I return the suggestion. I am sure that I will receive it again multiplied, that you will be capable of keeping on imagining forms and framings much further from where it reaches my imagination, I know that you will keep on surprising me.

H2O, water H3O? H4o?... up to where can arrive the spiral of a suggestion that motivates an inspiration that produces a suggestion that motivates an inspiration that...

Chemistry. Yes. I had never felt so satisfied with my papers before. Finally I have managed to leave the stereotype. Now I have learned to play with marbling. Thank you Gloria. Thanks to all of you that keep on trusting in me, making me grow.

I could have chosen the best, but it wouldn’t be justice, so here goes the whole series that I made thinking on this, you can play with each one if you want, and you can cut and turn and return to the reverse…

Also I have learned what is a blog. This is the first one I publish. You can already see that I am novice, definately. You will also excuse my english, please.

But it is possible to improve.

Thank you very much, Gloria, from my heart.



Simon - Papermaking and Bookbinding said...

Wow, your designs are fantastic. Regards Simon If you fancy swapping a few offcuts or scraps - see

Sótano said...

Gracias maestro, siempre tan humilde... Aquí le mando el trabajo que hice con su papel maravilloso, volcánico y químico. Gracias.